Friday, January 17, 2003

More information came in this morning: change the IP from to
The old IP is still blocked at national gateway level, and the second IP is not.

So the observation of the previous post is still valid: is not blocked now (techncially the IP it is currently pointing to), and is still blocked in China due to dns hijacking.

Dynaweb also move its node IP publishing page to other place. (I know the Chinese internet police is watch this as well.) Let's see what is going to happen next with blogspot's new IP. (They will certainly try to block wherever DynaWeb goes, although sometimes in vain.) I will post updates here.

Thursday, January 16, 2003 unblocked, still blocked

At US EST 1/15 9:43pm, I saw first report was posted that his blog on can be viewed from China again. Within on hour, many users confirmed this. Thank you Juliana Liu! Thank you Reuters. Juliana's article has a time stamp of 01.15.03, 12:59 AM ET. (21 hours before the report of accessibility to blog.) From DynaWeb's experience, China is capable of blocking an IP after it is identified with a few hours with all the administration overhead and technical overhead.

However, is still dns hijakced.

So China did the following:
1. unblock's IP after Juliana's article.
2. Leave dns hijacked.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

As first publically reported by Greg Walton, China blocked on Jan. 9, 2003. We believe that China blocked it because Chinese are retrieving DynaWeb IPs to gain access to forbidden sites. (DynaWeb is a proxy network that supports encrypted proxy and CGI proxy. )

Time line:
12/23/02: DynaWeb first publicized to its subscribers.
12/25/02: DynaWeb publicized into Chinese news media (outside China of course).
1/8/03: Between 5:30am-5:40am, experience dramatic traffic drop.
1/9/03 2am EST: DynaWeb received the first report that can't be accessed from China. It was then verified that the IP of was blocked. Therefore, all bloggers hosting their blog on this site will no longer be accessible from China as well.

Besides IP blocking, China also hijacked the domain name "". (see for more details of the DNS hijacking.) However, other subdomains are not hijacked. This can be verified from outside China. Here is a screen output you can reproduce:

Non-authoritative answer:





Here you can see that is the one Communist party pick up to be the most subversive among all bloggers to be on the DNS hijacking list.

So when this blocking happen? Log of must be a good source of info to see this,
1. It is one of the most popular Chinese page.
2. Most readers are from IPs in China. One will visit this blog only if they are blocked in China. (Not now, while you are reading this. :) )

We process some statistic on 1/8 (sorry, they use California time, which is GMT -8, EST is GMT -5, I can convert all those time later on after I find new ways for Chinese to get Dynaweb IP.)

Those data are saying that it is blocked between 2:30am-2:40am on 1/8.

Here is the data on 1/8:
2:00am-2:10am 29
2:10am-2:20am 38
2:20am-2:30am 51
2:30am-2:40am 15
2:40am-2:50am 3
2:50am-3am 1
3am-4am 0
4am 1
5am 1
6am 1
7am 1
8am 7
9am 4
10am 0
11am 0
12pm 1
1pm 6

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